Hi, I’m Jim and welcome to my site!

A lot of people have asked me about the name of this blog so let me take a second to explain, as it’s quiet simple. Myself and 3 of my best friends are into bikes and each of us has a Harley-Davidson. That’s where the 4H comes from – “H” for Harley. And the word “Corroboree” is an Australian word that means a party or a lively gathering, as explained by one of my biker friends Bob, who is originally from Australia. So to honor my friends and our hobby I decided to name my blog accordingly.

harleyIn face, here is a picture of my bike for your enjoyment.

I work as a ghost writer for other businesses and people and they spend a lot of time researching various things. Sharing these on my personal blog is something that I simply do for fun.

I hope that you find this information useful!

Thank you !